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Proud to be one of the oldest tattoo salons and always trusted by domestic and foreign customers in Da Nang during 9 years of establishment. Tuan Tattoo Studio always works with artists to improve the quality and constantly update the latest tattoo techniques and styles.

Bringing your ideas and stories to us, Tuan Tattoo Studio will listen to and implement it with artistic tattoos in a style that only you own, and you create colorful pieces. and its own mark confirms the complete beauty of the body.


Asian style is a broad genre which draws primarily from traditional Japanese tattoos, called Irezumi. Irezumi is characterized by a range of subjects including mythical Japanese creatures, animals, flowers, samurai, and geisha. These subjects are customarily framed by a background of flourishes that resemble waves, clouds, or sheets of wind. Traditional Japanses tattoos have very specific placement – often, a variation on the full body suit, featuring subject on either side of the chest, shoulders, thigs, back and buttocks.


Less in more with minimalist style tattoo. Using skin as a blank canvas, minimal tattoos feature fine black lines to create delicate pieces that accentuate the form of the human body. Their defining quality is the use of skin as negative space. The beauty of minimal tattoos comes from their ability to speak volumes without being overpowering or demanding too much visual attention. Common minimalist pieces are words or phrases in wispy calligraphy, abstract mandala or ultra fine-lined miniature tattoos about the size of a quarter. These smaller pieces carry the appeal of a charm or beauty mark upon the skin.


Art imitates reality… or does reality imitate art? Realistic tattoos are by no means limited to real people, though. Many realistic tattoos aim at capturing the majesty of nature with likenesses of beats. Popular choices are the regal lion, the ferocious bear and the mystic elk. All manner of birds are also often captured in realistic tattoos, but the avian subject that most often receives the portraiture treatment is the wise owl.



Tattoo artist

As one of the most prominent artists in Danang in Asian tattoo category (Japanese/Irezumi style). He has achieved many awards from competitions in the tattooist. He is famous for his tattoo skill with hight aesthetic senses, eye-catching color schemes ,meticulous details and extremely fast line speed



Tattoo artist

Despite his relatively young age, Tuan Anh made his mark in the realistic style of tattooing which is his forte.  He always learns and mastered many modern tattoo techniques quickly, helping his works always be soulful and highly artistic.  In addition, the delicate small tattoos are also his strength.



Tattoo artist

Specializing in the Old School tattoo genre with the ability to combine rich colors, Le Duy also specializes in small tattoos that require high meticulousness.  He has knowledge and talent in painting so he always gives the most unique and suitable designs for customers.



Tattoo artist

Considered the elder of the Da Nang tattoo community with many years of professional experience with the ability to master painting.  Artist Truong Minh has a passion for Asian tattoos, especially large ones with lots of ways.


Counseling corner

Hotline: 093 523 9539